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The Library

The Government Law College library is known for its rare collection of books and treatise on various subjects not limited to law. It is probably the most frequently visited section of the college, and most certainly the haven for the dedicated law students.

The Harilal J. Kania Memorial Library and Reading Room located on the third floor of the college only has been a part of this college since 1952. The first and the second floors of the annex- building house various books on case law, some of which are two hundred years old. The Library also possesses the original copy of the Indian Penal Code as drafted by Lord Macaulay in the year 1886, Constituent assembly debates and the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha debates. Collectively, the library houses over 42,000 books, some of which cannot be found in any other library in India.

The students can avail of library facilities from 9:45 am to 5:30 pm. This timing is extended during the month preceding examinations. For easy and prompt access, all the books are catalogued manually as well as on the computer. Some of the Journals and Reports to which the library subscribes include All England Law Reporter, Chancery & Probate Division Law Reports, Lawyers Collective, U.N. Weekly News Letter, Journal of Criminal Law and several Law Reviews such as the Harvard Law Review and the Yale Law Review.

Electronic Research Room

The Electronic Research Room (ERR) an extended Cabinet of the library is the Research Room and Computer Centre for students. The ERR is equipped with the a number of PCs, and is extremely useful to students representing the college at various moot court and research paper competitions. The ERR also has printing facilities as well as a mini library. The ERR provides students access to the following legal databases such as Manupatra, SCC, Lexis Nexis, Westlaw and others. These legal databases are a powerful tool for speedy, inexpensive legal research providing students with instant access to case-law, legislation and legal articles at the click of a mouse.

Hostel Accommodation

The Government Law College has no hostel of its own. However, 62 seats for male students of the College in the Government Colleges Hostel, "C" Road, Churchgate and 20 Seats for male students at the Ismail Yusuf College at Jogeshwari, Mumbai has been provided. A good number of students also reside at the International Students Hostel, which is a stone's throw away from the college, and at several paying guest arrangements in South Mumbai. However, at the time of admission to the college, no candidate can be assured of the accommodation in the hostel.


The college has 17 classrooms, a Mooting Room, an Auditorium, an audio-visual room and a canteen for the benefit of students.

Sports Facilities

The Government Law College, Mumbai houses a mini Gymkhana on the 4th floor. Additionally, students use the nearby Oval Maidan or Mumbai University ground for sports such as cricket and football. The college has an active Sports Committee, and students participate in several inter-collegiate competitions across the country.